There is only love
There is only love
Love is not an emotion it is your very existence.

Trish Withus


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Mystic, Spiritualist, Emissary of Divine Love.

Born with the ability to directly experience other realms and dimensions.

Trish moves people to Self-discovery by guiding them to go beyond their fear into the Love that they are. With her remarkable ability as a Conscious Channel, she provides her clientele with a deeply spiritual and profound journey into the depths of their own Soul, offering the magnificent opportunity for transformation of consciousness and Self-Realization.

Trish has extensive experience connecting directly with other realms and dimensions, as well as a broad knowledge of spiritual, mystical and alchemical disciplines, which has formed the foundation of her personal practice and her work with others. Trish’s synergism of wisdom, respect, compassion, and autonomy has produced a reputation as a widely respected figure in spiritual and esoteric communities around the world.

Her work focuses on mysticism and spirituality and offers individuals guidance in spiritual development and conscious evolution of Soul.

Her intention is to always guide people back into themselves to discover their own Truth, their own Love, and their own Light…helping people find the light that lives within themselves.