I was pondering my tomato plant this morning, thinking that perhaps it’s not growing. I’m not seeing any growth from this little guy. And then I remembered that tomato plants (and all plants actually) will first put all of their energy into their root system. They will put down deep roots that help nourish and nurture the growth of the plant that is above the ground….the part that bears fruit for us so that we may nourish and nurture ourselves.

And then it hit me….perhaps, when we are feeling stuck it is a reminder of the Soul that it is time to nourish and nurture our own root system instead of focusing on bearing fruit above the ground. We cannot bear or create fruit unless our roots are firmly planted. Roots come first. And perhaps, if we are not seeing growth in our outer world it is because it is time to work on the root system. Just because we don’t see outer growth doesn’t mean nothing is occurring. It doesn’t mean we are stuck. It simply means that the ‘happenings’ are happening someplace else. Our energy is focused in the wrong place if we are not seeing the growth we are hoping for. Focus your energy back onto your roots…your foundation…your beliefs…your Self. Nurture that part of you which allows you to grow strong and tall…to rise up…in the outer world. Nurture that part where you create from. Nourish and nurture it with Love and joy so that when you do bear fruit it is created from a space of higher vibration and in alignment with your True Self. Our cyclical nature is roots first, then upward growth, then death, then roots again, then upward growth, then death…and the cycle continues.

One and All

The biggest lie we have been conditioned to believe is that we are separate. Separate from each other, the universe, all things including Source (God/Divine). We are conditioned to believe that in our separateness we are weak and have no power or authority. We are conditioned to believe that we must rely on someone else, an authority, in order to live a ‘good’ life. We are also conditioned to believe someone else’s idea of what that ‘good’ life is. We are conditioned to believe that in our separation we must be ‘right’ in order to succeed in life….to be the right color, the right sex, the right religion, the right caste, live in the right place, have the right education, make the right money, drive the right car, have the right friends…regardless of how internally it was off beat for us. One step outside of that ‘right’ box and we are damned.

 There is no such thing as separation. We are never separate from Source, from each other or the world around us. We are a continuous flow of the Love/energy/Consciousness that creates all of This. We are equal to it’s Divinity, it’s strength, it’s joy, it’s Love. With every breath we take It flows through us, nurturing us, feeding us, expressing through the physical vessel we call self.

 Even the physical vessel is connected and part of the All, which is why innately it knows exactly how to function all on its own. It knows how to breathe, how to birth, how to die even. It knows how to heal itself when the lower mind continually feeds it things that harm it…food and/or emotions.

 Our bigness is conditioned out of us because it makes it easier for us to be manipulated and controlled. Our bigness scares the crap out of those who do the controlling. Our bigness scares the crap out of those how feel small and need to make you small in order for them to feel bigger.

 Our bigness heals. Our bigness holds light that allows others to find the true light within themselves. Sometimes that isn’t easy…not on us, nor the other person. The truth is you are big, bigger than anything you could ever imagine. The truth is you are capable, capable of greatness beyond your dreams. The truth is that you have to release the belief of separation in order to realize your bigness….to realize your own Truth of all you truly are.

 All you truly Are is right here. It is not something you need to figure out, or learn, or even find. All you truly Are lies waiting for you to release all that you are not.

 The greatest Truth is that you Are, we all Are and when we begin to embody and express that Truth is when our world reflects it back to Us. When we begin to take responsibility for our own power and greatness, instead of allowing someone else to dictate that for us, is when fear dissolves, hatred turns to love and together we create a Loving, compassionate and beautiful world.

 The greatest challenge is to embody your bigness…your Truth. We have been conditioned to stay small so that others can feel big. We are conditioned to believe that being to ‘big for our britches’ is a bad thing. We are conditioned to believe that our Truth, our bigness, is wrong, offbeat, not the norm…bad. We often are punished for our bigness. In staying small we hide from what can be horrible consequences. The Truth is, the more we courageously embody our own bigness, our own Truth, it gives the other the opportunity to begin to embody their own. Then there is no more need to manipulate, judge, hate, or control. Then, and only then, do we come together to expand and evolve in a Loving state together.

 When you feel the need to make someone small, so you can be big, step back and ask yourself why you are feeling small yourself. Why do you need another to make you feel big? What is it that has been conditioned out of you that you need another to attain? There is nothing that you can get from another that you do not already have…you have just forgotten. Take the steps to remember and know your own Truth or bigness.

 When you feel the need to be small, so another can be big, step back and ask yourself why you are feeling powerless and are afraid of your bigness. Remember that you shrinking does not serve yourself, or does it serve the other. By remaining small you do not evolve. By allowing the other to control through fear they do not evolve either. It is time for both to know your own Truth.

 There is no such thing as separation. There is only One, and in that One is all.