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There is only love
Love is not an emotion it is your very existence.


Channeling Sessions, Past-Life Regression, Spiritual MEntor,
Animal Communication, Meditation


Channeling Session

All sessions are recorded for client use

Sessions are conducted one-on-one. Using her ability as a Conscious Channel, Trish connects directly with the clients Higher-Self/Soul, Soul Group, Guides, and loved ones. Information received from the Higher-Self and Guides during the session pertains specifically to the client and where they are in their life currently. This provides the opportunity to recognize limiting ideas, beliefs and patterns the client has set in place. Guidance and support are always offered for realizing strengths and gifts which are more in alignment with the True Self and life path. Higher-Self and guides take the opportunity to present information the client needs to know in that precise moment and to answer any other questions the client brings to the session.

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Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy


The deepest intention of our Soul is to progress and evolve as an individual Soul and to expand and evolve Universal Consciousness. Are you ready to know the story, purpose and plan of your Soul?

  • Meet your Soul/Higher Self, Soul Group, Guides and Loved Ones.

  • Understand the deeper purpose and plan of your Soul.

  • Step clearly and confidently into your purpose.

  • Know and resolve your fears.

  • Enhance and move forward in your relationships with Self and others.

The regression is a specific journey tied to the present-day needs of each client, and offers one or several means to resolve mental, emotional, and energetic blocks stemming from them. Past-life regression assists in releasing past patterns and then allow for the repair and restoration of your physical well-being, emotional health, relationship challenges, and spiritual understanding of your soul evolution.

The beauty and intention of regression hypnosis is that the client receives spiritual input directly from their Soul and guides. You are connecting and communicating directly with your Higher-Self and Guides. In this space you get to deeply remember that you are truly a Soul.

Spiritual Mentor

specializing in both mindful living
and conscious dying

Mindful living is a continual process of being aware of who you Truly are and being responsible for the choices you make based on that awareness. Personal mentoring is for those who wish to create, strengthen, support, and experience a deeper relationship with True Self. Focus is on establishing a personal practice, support of process, and integration of higher Self into daily life.

Each client can expect to achieve a greater level of awareness, wholeness and personal growth. As a result, you can resolve lifetimes of old patterns and issues that are blocking you today. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been traveling it for lifetimes, this wisdom will accelerate your ability to expand emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Conscious dying is a continuation of mindful living through the death process. Conscious dying is the process of utilizing the dying process as an opportunity to become more present and loving, for profound healing and for spiritual awakening. Eastern traditions such as Hinduism and particularly Buddhism, as well as shamanic traditions, have explicit teachings that guide the dying to a conscious and graceful death.

Mindful living, if practiced throughout life, will bring us through a beautiful and conscious death. Trish has walked with hundreds of people through their process - including being on the ”other side” with them - as they are transitioning. As a guide, she companions them through fears, doubts, and uncertainty allowing for a peaceful, profound, and conscious death.

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Animal Communication

Four legged, finned, and feathered

As an Animal Communicator, Trish connects on the deepest level with the animal, and then with the animal’s handler (or human). The animal not need be present for the session. Trish is able to connect with all animals…those that are here with us and those that have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. 

Connecting with the animal through psychic attunement allows for the following:

- Understanding the animal’s needs, concerns and desires.
- Recognize the behaviors associated with the different emotional states.
- Resolve behavioral issues
- Enhance instinctual natural behavior patterns
- Allows for physical and emotional healing
- Create unity between animal and human
- Improve the well-being of the animal and human


Meditation Instruction

Foundation, basics, growth and expansion

In order to have a deep relationship with our Higher-Self and Guides, we must first become still. In the stillness we listen. In the stillness we connect with Higher-Self and Guides. In the stillness we come to remember, to recognize, and to begin to express our True Self. Meditation is critical to the process of Self-Realization and evolution. Meditation can be done in many ways…sitting, walking, gardening, exercise, dance. But, if we are not doing it, chances are we are not fully present in our lives. Trish teaches specifically the process of becoming quiet within. Trish teaches different forms of meditation allowing the client to find the one that best suits their design. Trish also assists the client in learning how to assimilate the signs and information often received during meditation…or stillness.

Trish teaches every level. Instruction is for beginners or those who think they can’t meditate, those that want to learn, as well as those who are adept at it and would like to enhance their own personal practice.

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