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I want you to know that you helped me help myself turn a huge corner in my life. Words can not express my gratitude for your journey and your willingness to share the gifts from your journey with others and especially me. Thank you. - Steve

Self-healing implies that we are broken.
Self-Realization is key.

Trish faceOur Creator brought us into this world carrying only Love, True unconditional Love. This is what we are all made of, and this never changes. It is years of false beliefs taught to us by others who cling to those same false beliefs that make us forget our True Identities.

As a psychic medium, animal communcator, life coach and Reiki Master, Trish has been leading people to self-discovery by guiding them to go beyond fear into Love. With her remarkable ability as a Conscious Channel she provides her clientele with a deeply spiritual and profound journey into the depths of their own Soul offering the magnificent opportunity for transformation of consciousness and Self-Realization.

Are you seeking a deeper, more meaningful
relationship within yourself?

Trish, an anomaly in the spiritual realm, moves people to remember their True Authentic Self, challenge the age-old forces that limit awareness and then proceed forward into a life where Love, joy and abundance are present in all aspects. She also has the very unique ability to connect with specific loved ones who have passed simply by using their name.

Are you feeling that there is something
"more," yet not quite sure what it is?

We create constantly, every moment of every day and with every breath, whether we recognize it or not. There is never a time when we are not creating. We create from the inside out. Instead of focusing on changing the outer world so that you are happy on the inside, simply shift the focus to your True Self, on the inside. The outside will shift all by itself.

The consequences of the choices we make between Love and fear are monumental. Most of the time we are not even aware that we are choosing from a place of fear (anger, doubt, lack, jealousy, etc.) Awareness is key.

Read what Trish is up to on her blog at www.thereisonlylove.wordpress.com



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